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A social networking platform tailored for musicians to connect, collaborate, and showcase their talents. With features including a talent showcase, collaboration tools, and community-driven events, Yammat was designed to provide musicians with a supportive space to share their passion and collaborate with peers.



Project Length

4 months


Web & mobile

Target Audience


Project Overview

Yammat is a refreshing addition to the world of social media platforms, tailored specifically for the vibrant community of musicians around the globe. It offers a dedicated space where musicians can express their passion, connect with other artists, and explore new opportunities within a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere.

Yammat is like a warm and inviting jam session, where musicians can come together to showcase their skills, share stories, and collaborate on exciting projects. With its user-friendly interface and a range of features, it's easy for musicians of any level to dive right in and start building meaningful connections immediately.

Tech stack

  • .NET Core
  • MS SQL Server
  • Azure
  • Xamarin
  • SQLite


  • 1 project manager
  • 3 developers


  • MVP development


Developing Yammat presented several exciting challenges for the AEX Soft team. First off, tailoring a social platform for musicians meant diving deep into their world and figuring out what they needed most, whether it was a space to showcase their talents or tools for collaborating with others. Making sure Yammat was user-friendly for musicians of all skill levels was another big task. We had to really get inside their minds to understand how they worked and what would make the platform feel like a natural fit for them.

Then there was the technical side of things. The client wanted Yammat to be able to handle everything from high-quality audio and video uploads to real-time chats without skipping a beat. It took a lot of careful planning and attention to detail to make sure everything ran smoothly.

And of course, keeping everyone's data safe and sound was top priority. We knew how important it was for musicians to feel confident sharing their personal and artistic content, so we made sure to put robust privacy measures in place.


Facing the challenges of developing Yammat, our team at AEX Soft took a comprehensive approach, blending innovation with a focus on what musicians really needed. Our first step was to dive deep into the music community to understand exactly what they wanted. This guided us in crafting features like talent showcasing, collaboration tools, and ways for musicians to connect with each other.

On the technical front, we ensured Yammat's architecture was robust and scalable. Utilizing the latest technologies, we optimized performance and security, guaranteeing a seamless and protected user experience. Our agile development methodology allowed us to swiftly implement updates and enhancements, ensuring Yammat remained dynamic and appealing to users.

In the end, Yammat wasn't just a platform for musicians—it was a thriving community where people could share their passion, collaborate with others, and feel inspired to create something amazing.

Talent showcasing

Users can showcase their main and additional instruments, vocal range, and share photos and videos illustrating their skills and achievements.

Collaboration tools

Yammat helps musicians connect with features such as real-time text chat, voice calls, and the ability to create interest groups.

Location-based events

Musicians can mark venues on the map, invite friends, and coordinate meetups, fostering a sense of community both online and offline.


During the development of Yammat, our team at AEX Soft has had plenty of opportunities for growth and improvement. For instance, our initial estimates were based purely on Figma designs. This experience has provided us with valuable insights into the project scoping stage.

We faced this challenge head-on, going through a deep discovery phase to refine our approach. This led to more accurate estimations and a better alignment with our clients' expectations. Thanks to teamwork and creative thinking, we successfully turned project requirements into a fully realized product. The result was a platform packed with features designed to help musicians, including a comprehensive talent showcase, collaboration tools, and community-driven events.

After the initial development stage, the client tried to validate market demand for Yammat by using social media campaigns. However, despite their efforts to attract users and get feedback, the responses indicated that there wasn't enough interest. As a result, the project had to be stopped, emphasizing the importance of market testing in product development.

Although Yammat didn't make it to the public release stage, it was still a great learning experience for the client and our team. The project showed us the importance of carefully planning projects and working together effectively. It emphasized the need for clear communication from the start and alignment of expectations.


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