A fundraising app that combines gaming and philanthropy, bringing charities and donors together for engaging events. PlayToCare helps people make a positive impact by providing an easy way for donors to contribute.



Project Length



Web & mobile

Target Audience

Nonprofit organizations

Project Overview

At its heart, PlayToCare is all about making fundraising more fun and accessible. It's changing the way charities connect with donors by bringing the excitement of games into giving. Instead of just asking for money, PlayToCare turns charitable giving into an interactive online game that engages and entertains people while raising funds.

Whether it's just a simple lottery or a trivia challenge or a puzzle solving event, PlayToCare makes fundraising events unforgettable for everyone involved. The client's main goal with PlayToCare is to bridge the gap between fun and philanthropy. With all the latest technology and an easy-to-use app, it's never been easier for charities to connect with their supporters and collect the funds they need.

Tech stack

  • .NET
  • Xamarin
  • Redis
  • MS SQL
  • Kubernetes
  • Paypal & Stripe


  • 2 mobile developers
  • 1 QA Engineer


  • Prototype development
  • Mobile app development


Developing PlayToCare was a real challenge, with so many creative solutions needed to make sure the user experience was smooth. We were responsible for adding gaming features, not creating games themselves, but we still had to strike a balance between fun and fundraising. Our goal was to make the interactive games engaging without any bugs disrupting them, and to effectively drive donations to the charities we supported.

Ensuring secure payment processing with trusted payment gateways like PayPal and Stripe was another important aspect of our job. Navigating the complex regulatory requirements to protect user data and reduce payment processing risks was crucial. And, adding real-time chat features required robust backend infrastructure to support meaningful conversations while protecting user privacy.Delivering a high-quality, smooth video stream to thousands of viewers at once was a huge challenge. We needed to make sure our service worked well on different devices and in different network environments to prevent laggy playback.


In tackling PlayToCare's many challenges, AEX Soft leaned on its expertise in agile development and creating mobile apps. Adopting an agile approach helped us adapt quickly to changing requirements and focus on the most important features, making the development process smooth and delivering milestones on time.

We designed the app's architecture to handle spikes in user activity, as we knew there would be a lot of traffic during fundraisers with celebrity hosts. We implemented scalable solutions and optimized performance to ensure PlayToCare can handle big crowds without messing up the user experience.

Throughout the development and testing process, we were committed to quality assurance. We followed strict testing protocols to find and fix any issues, making sure PlayToCare has a stable and reliable platform for users.

In short, PlayToCare is a mix of advanced tech, agile processes, and our experience in making mobile apps. It's also drawing on the expertise of our client's designers and product managers. By using the power of innovation and teamwork, PlayToCare is on its way to transforming the raising of donations for charities, one game at a time.

Interactive games

PlayToCare offers interactive online games, including lotteries, trivia challenges, and puzzles. These engaging games not only entertain users but also drive donations to charities.

Secure payment gateways

With robust encryption and strict adherence to regulatory standards, users can rest assured that their financial transactions through Stripe and PayPal are safe and secure.

Video streaming

Whether it's a celebrity-hosted fundraising event or a charity showcase, users can enjoy an immersive and lag-free viewing experience while supporting their favorite causes.


Even at its development stage, PlayToCare has caught the attention of numerous charitable organizations. Its fresh approach and exciting features have captured the interest of the target audience, creating excitement for its upcoming release.

Charitable organizations from different sectors are eager to explore the possibilities that PlayToCare presents for enhancing their fundraising efforts. The concept of adding a gaming element to fundraising, combined with the user-friendly design and powerful features of the app, has resonated with organizations seeking new ways to engage their supporters and increase donations.

Moreover, the initial buzz and positive feedback from potential users and partners highlight the potential impact that PlayToCare could have on redefining how we give back. With continued development and the app moving closer to launch, AEX Soft is dedicated to delivering an innovative solution that empowers charities to make a difference in their communities.


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