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A secure, intuitive app designed for families to treasure and share the most precious moments of their lives. With a dedicated baby journal, private sharing features, and event tracking, this app offers families a safe and intuitive platform to treasure and share their most cherished memories.



Project Length

10 months


Web & mobile

Target Audience

Families with small children

Project Overview

Mmme began with the idea of creating a better photo gallery app for smartphones, focusing on families with young children. The app allows families to share special moments through photos, videos, voice recordings, and reminders.

Our team worked closely with Mmme to ensure that users can enjoy all of these features and enjoy sharing even more. For example, Mmme has a baby journal feature where parents can record every important moment. There are also options for private sharing to ensure user privacy.

Mmme provides families with a complete solution for easily creating and sharing memories that they can revisit at any time.

Tech stack

  • ASP.NET Core
  • EntityFramework
  • AngularJS
  • Bootstrap
  • Twilio API
  • SQL Server
  • Redis
  • Xamarin


  • 2 team leads
  • 4 Full Stack developers
  • 2 mobile developers


  • Prototype development
  • Web app development
  • Mobile app development


When we were building Mmme, there were a few exciting challenges we had to face. One of the biggest ones was making sure the user experience was seamless and intuitive, given the complexity of creating a social media app through the "walled garden" approach. That meant integrating various features like a baby journal and privacy settings seamlessly.

Another thing we had to deal with was user privacy and data security. Because we share sensitive info on our platform, it's important for us to take extra precautions to protect users' data. We've got strict security measures in place to ensure the safety of users' info. Those measures give users confidence knowing they can trust our platform.

Also, making sure everything worked across different devices was crucial. We made sure data was always updated across devices so users didn't have to worry about losing or getting inconsistent data.


To deal with the challenges we've faced with Mmm, we've taken a practical, user-focused approach. We've made sure the app is easy to use, focusing on simplicity over complexity. Privacy protection was a top priority for us, so we've implemented strong security measures to protect users' data. We've also made sure the app works seamlessly across different devices, carefully syncing and backing up data.

By focusing on practical solutions and putting users first, we've created a platform families can trust to treasure and share special moments. The app is available on both iOS and Android devices, and users can create an account, share it with their families and friends, capture and share special moments through photos and videos. Additionally, we have a web part for account verification via SMS or call.

Baby Journal

At the heart of Mmme lies a dedicated baby journal, designed to empower parents to document and celebrate every milestone and cherished moment of their child's journey.

Privacy controls

With customizable sharing options and stringent security measures, users can rest assured that their data remains protected and accessible only to invited individuals.

Event tracking

Mmme simplifies the celebration of milestones and special occasions. Users can create events, such as birthdays or anniversaries, and track their family's growth journey over time.


Despite our best efforts, the Mmme app struggled to take off in the market. Our team delivered a great app that met all the client's requirements, but there were other factors at play—market competition and marketing—that led to its lack of success. As a development agency, we were only responsible for creating a reliable and user-friendly app based on the client's vision, and while we did that, the final success of the app was out of our hands.

Despite the end results, the project provided valuable lessons and experiences for both our team and the client. We learned how to develop social media apps and deal with the challenges of startup projects. The client also gained valuable experience by launching Mmme. They were able to use it as a learning tool and improve their processes and strategies.

Although the outcome of Mmme wasn't what we expected, it strengthened our commitment to delivering high-quality products. The lessons we learned from the project help us take a more informed approach to future projects.


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