A CRM system tailored to the specific needs of car dealers and service stations, it also provides customers with a front-row seat to monitor their car repairs. Our emphasis on simplicity and effectiveness ensures that the platform is user-friendly for both businesses and customers alike.



Project Length



Web & mobile

Target Audience

Automotive businesses

Project Overview

Imagine a world where maintaining a car is a breeze. With CMOS, a CRM available as both a web and mobile app, tracking repairs and staying in touch with your mechanic becomes as easy as tapping on your phone. This is the goal of CMOS—to simplify the process for both auto repair shops and their customers.

CMOS automates internal processes for auto repair shops, tracks repair progress, and facilitates smooth communication between customers and mechanics. Customers can easily monitor the status of vehicle repairs in real time, receive timely updates, and schedule maintenance appointments with ease. Auto repair shops can manage their tasks efficiently, from scheduling appointments to assigning mechanics, all through a user-friendly interface.

By enhancing transparency and convenience for both mechanics and customers, CMOS transforms the car repair experience into a hassle-free journey for everyone involved.

Tech stack

  • .NET 8
  • React


  • 1 team lead
  • 4 Full Stack developers
  • 2 mobile developers


  • Web app development
  • Mobile app development


Our client, a startup with a visionary goal, sought to revolutionize CRM systems for automotive businesses. The task at hand was to develop a robust system and mobile application that would automate internal processes for car mechanics while elevating service quality through real-time tracking of repair processes.

The system had to cater to the nuanced requirements of car dealerships and service stations, ranging from tracking the workload of car mechanics to providing real-time updates on the progress of car repairs. Meeting these requirements meant delving deep into the operational intricacies of the automotive industry, understanding the pain points faced by both businesses and customers, and translating these insights into a user-friendly and efficient solution. It was imperative that the system we developed not only met the specific needs of our client's business but also provided tangible value to end-users, enhancing their overall experience with the car repair process.

Navigating this complex landscape required not only technical expertise but also a keen understanding of user behavior and industry dynamics. Our challenge was to design a solution that could be easily integrated into existing workflows while driving operational efficiency and transparency.


CMOS has completely revamped the way customers and technicians interact, introducing its Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. It includes both a web-based platform and a mobile app that empower both customers and repair shops alike.

Now, customers can stay updated on their vehicle repair status thanks to a dedicated website link that is sent to them via their preferred communication channel (such as WhatsApp, email or SMS). This convenient feature allows customers to easily approve or reject repairs based on information about the problem and the cost of fixing it, creating a sense of trust and transparency throughout the repair process. As a result, customers feel more confident and assured when making decisions regarding their repairs.

Meanwhile, technicians rely on the mobile app to access information about each customer's vehicle history, including past repairs and maintenance records. With this detailed insight, technicians can provide personalized repairs tailored to each customer's specific needs, ultimately leading to increased satisfaction among customers. What's more, the mobile app allows technicians to snap pictures of vehicle parts and create visual records, streamlining repair requests and improving communication. This helps reduce errors and increase efficiency during repairs.

On the other hand, the web-based CRM system is a game-changer for repair shops. It simplifies operations, reduces manual work, and boosts efficiency by automating appointment scheduling through WhatsApp messages, tracking vehicle status in real-time, and providing digital checklists to prevent customer complaints. The Workshop Planner module within the CRM system further streamlines operations and makes it easier to approve additional services. All of these improvements lead to enhanced workshop efficiency, happier customers, and increased revenue generation.

Order tracking

It gives a complete picture of the whole ordering process, helping businesses manage and adjust things from when an order is placed to when it's delivered.

Workshop Planner

This tool helps to make workshop operations more efficient by optimizing resource allocation, scheduling appointments, assigning tasks, and monitoring service orders.

WhatsApp integration

Businesses can engage with their customers through WhatsApp, offering personalized messaging, automatic notifications, and real-time updates.


CMOS has been adopted by hundreds of companies in Latin America and has become the go-to solution for optimizing business operations and enhancing customer experiences. Its powerful features and user-friendly interface make it the preferred choice for businesses looking to streamline operations and provide exceptional service to customers.

With a proven track record of success, CMOS has become the benchmark for excellence in the automotive CRM industry in the region, with over 100,000 satisfied users. Looking ahead, the client aims to expand the platform's reach to other countries worldwide.


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