A web app designed for scheduling and client management. It facilitates quick client bookings and provides real-time specialist availability checks. A chatbot powered by WhatsApp simplifies the process of managing customer bookings with precision.



Project Length




Target Audience

Service businesses

Project Overview

Clear is a powerful appointment scheduling app that can help service businesses organize their schedules more efficiently. It acts as a reliable assistant by allowing for quick bookings and ensuring the availability of professionals.

In addition, Clear offers an integrated chatbot that enhances customer communication through WhatsApp. This feature simplifies the process of communication between businesses and customers, leading to a better experience for everyone involved.

By using Clear, service providers can revolutionize how they manage appointments and deliver efficient, reliable services to their customers.

Tech stack

  • .NET Core 5
  • React
  • AWS


  • 1 team lead
  • 4 Full Stack developers


  • Prototype development
  • Web app development
  • Recruitment assistance


Our journey with Clear has been an exciting adventure, filled with challenges that allowed us to showcase our skills and creativity. We worked under tight deadlines and with limited budgets, which forced us to think outside the box and find innovative solutions.

Developing a CRM system like Clear required more than just scheduling appointments. We had to manage complex databases, secure user authentication, and ensure real-time communication. With our enthusiasm and expertise in software architecture and design, we successfully crafted solutions that met Clear's requirements.

Creating an in-house team at Clear has been another exciting challenge for our company. We hand-picked the members based on their skills and how well they'd fit in with our culture, while still keeping the focus on quality. Now, we've got a team of awesome people who all bring something different to the table, and we work together to make sure we all give our best.


Clear is an ecosystem designed to simplify lives of both business owners in the service sector and their customers. The application is being developed as a B2B product, the target users of which are private clinics, spas, medical offices, massage parlors and other small and medium businesses in the service sector. The core system functionality is scheduling: booking of clients online and spesialist schedule management.

Management system

Clear offers a powerful management system that allows businesses to keep track of their customers and employees. With Clear, it's simple to create and update customer records, ensuring that everything is organized and up-to-date.

WhatsApp integration

Clear seamlessly integrates with WhatsApp, enhancing customer communication and engagement. Clients receive notifications, reminders, and can interact with a chatbot for inquiries and appointment management, all within their preferred messaging app.

Scheduling interface

Clear has a user-friendly online booking system that makes it simple for customers to book appointments with their favorite specialists. Customers can choose the service they want and specify the time they want their appointment to be.


The ongoing evolution of Clear reflects our commitment to continuous improvement and innovation. With each update, we introduce new features and refine existing ones, keeping Clear ahead in the service industry across Latin America.

What started as a simple scheduling app has grown into a comprehensive ecosystem, making business processes more efficient and boosting productivity. Our efforts set the stage for future growth, enabling us to embrace the latest technologies and modern architectural approaches. This ensures that Clear remains reliable, scalable, and adaptable to changing needs and a growing user base.

Additionally, our team has been crucial to Clear's success. Not only have we developed a high-quality system, but we've also assisted in selecting and training an in-house team to support the system on the client's end. This collaborative effort ensures smooth operations and maximizes Clear's impact.


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